Please watch our short video on how Airbomz could increase your crop yield..

Explosive Plant Growth

Airbomz (CO2 dispensers) are battery powered and produce no heat. Increase your yield by up to 50%!

Emitting measured amounts of CO2

Raising your grow to an ideal 1200 ppm. Perfect for explosive plant growth. Remote control or activate by light sensor.

Aiding the medicinal market

Reduce chronic pain and muscle spasms together with helping many other ailments associated to various conditions...


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The latest innovative technology in plant growth…

Carbon dioxide is essential to the process of photosynthesis. Most plants grown indoors require a minimum co2 concentration to enable them to photosynthesise efficiently and produce energy in the form of carbohydrates. These concentrations of co2 are enough for plants to grow and develop normally. Lower concentrations can seriously impede plant growth and general plant health. In fact, a drop of 25% in natural co2 concentrations can easily inhibit growth by over 50%.
WARNING:  Please check the legality of growing cannabis in your state or country.

What if higher CO2 concentrations are actually good for plant growth?

Airbomz brings you the latest innovative technology in plant growth (hydroponics) for expolsive indoor growing. Say goodbye to complicated expensive tanks and regulators. Airbomz produces no heat and is battery-powered which can increase your yield up to 50%.  It allows higher growing temperatures and humidity, shortens the crop cycle and deters most pests.


Airbomz is designed for small to medium grow tents, by omitting measured amounts of CO2 at set intervals the ambient CO2 levels in your grow space will be raised to an ideal 1200 ppm which is perfect for explosive plant growth.

Please view the short videos below demonstrating how to use Airbomz…

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